Truma TE Twin Axle Caravan Mover Review

Truma TE Twin Axle Caravan Mover: This unit really is the next generation of caravan movers. Ideal for double-axle caravans, this unit provides convenient movement with inch-perfect accuracy, all at the push of a button. This unit is ideal for caravans or trailers up to 2,250kg. Comes with great features like 'Smooth Start' drive and electric swivelling and is much lighter than many comparable units. 

The Truma TE Twin Axle Caravan Mover operates with an 868Mhz radio unit, so you can be sure of interference free operation each time that you use it, and the controller is incredibly easy to operate, making moving your caravan absolute child's-play. 

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What Do Other People Think Of The Truma TE Twin Axle Caravan Mover?

"I was worried that upgrading from a single axle caravan to a twin axle would cause me a problems in getting a good, reliable caravan mover. How pleasantly surprised was I?!"

"Spent AGES looking for a good caravan mover for my new Twin Axle, was really thrilled when I finally found this."