Truma SE R Caravan Motor Mover - Don't Buy Before Reading This Review!

Truma SE R Caravan Motor Mover: Part of the next generation of caravan movers from Truma, this is a leap forward in terms of technology and ease of use, and the true luxury version for the discerning caravan owner. Weighing only 33Kg it's considerably lighter than most other comparable models, but still completely able to move up to 1800Kg worth of caravan into and out of the tightest of spaces. Smooth Start technology means that owners can enjoy the smoothest of starts and stops which of course means that your valuables are safer than ever and you can ensure accurate movement of your caravan. 

The Truma SE R Caravan Motor Mover is a true class-leader and the only caravan mover worth buying if you're serious about the safety and wellbeing of your caravan. 

Don't just take our word for it - Here's what other owners think of the Truma SE R Caravan Motor Mover

"Wonderful piece of kit"

"Why have I only just got one of these!?"